Spin tools

High-temperature leakage-free swaging tools

The swaging spin tools – designed or most common tubing diameters – allow you to connect tubes with ease without the need for extra fittings.

The high-temperature method preserves the copper and aluminium’s malleability while performing the swage – preventing cracks and leaks – and all in just 5 seconds.

Just attach the appropriate Spin tool size to a drill*, and that’s it – you are ready to make the coupling.


*The Swage SPIN Tools are designed for copper tubing sizes of 1/4 ”, 3/8” and 1/2” with wall thickness up to 0.8mm; & 1.0mm for a tubing diameter of 5/8”. Using the Swage Spin Tools on ANY other diameter than the recommended might cause undesirable deformation and assembling issues. Optimised for use with soft-drawn copper. Check User’s Manual for more details.
All SPIN tools are designed to work with drills and screwdrivers with a minimum of 1,88 RPM and 500 watts.