Spin tools


The difference between the conventional method & the SPIN method?

There are 5 key features that the SPIN Tools has to offer you.

  1. Precision: The flares will always have the same size and will fit perfectly; The swages present a perfect depth and a tight fitting, that will make the brazing easier, reducing the fatigue stress over the coupling area.
  2. Quality: The flare/swage will keep the coopers’ malleability, which will ensure better couplings overall; the SPIN process also protects the tube from cracking.
  3. Time: The SPIN method is much faster than the conventional method.
  4. Ergonomy: The drill does the work, making the process as ergonomically as possible. The conventional method usually requires additional manual effort.
  5. Simplicity: The SPIN Tools simply requires a power drill/screwdriver to get fastened in. The conventional tools require several parts in addition; dies, yokes, clamps, handles, wings, nuts, rules. These tools also need to be assembled together, manually screwed, manually unscrewed etc.